Saturday, May 3, 2008

Initial Mapping Drawing

This is an in-process image of a mapped drawing of rides taken for this project. I am considering the different ways one could use mapped travel as a representation of lines drawn on paper. For instance, this drawing represents (at the stage the image was shot) all of the rides I had taken since project inception. These are represented chronologically and organized according to a minimalist grid, though since the representations of the rides themselves are all drawn to the same scale they deviate from the rigid organization within which they have been placed. I foresee this project continuing to become a project about drawing, whereby each drawing I make can only utilize "lines" created by riding my bike across varying mapped terrain. Future drawings will have organizational limitations placed on them before beginning. The next drawing I'm working on organizes all drawings according to true north, but the scale of each location changes according to the maximum size I can draw that location and still have it fit on the paper.

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