Sunday, April 20, 2008


On Saturday I rode the Niner from the Chautauqua area in Boulder to Walker Ranch. Calling this ride "SuperWalker" designates that it started in Boulder rather than on the other side of Flagstaff Mountain at the trailhead. Flagstaff road isn't long but it gets up in a hurry. I managed to climb from the park sign at the bottom to the mailboxes at the top (not the amphitheater "false" summit) only 2 1/2 minutes slower than I did it on my road bike early in the week.

The day was beautiful, somewhere in the upper 70's at least. The wind was gusty at the trailhead but fine everywhere else. The trail had a few sections of melting snow and ice, but was otherwise in great shape. I rode fairly well, though some of the loose climbs put me on a foot since I lost traction. This is a great trail; some of those windy switchbacks are a blast. I got a big sluggish about halfway into it (probably after the hike-a-bike section) but picked the pace back up toward the end (and especially on the road back to Boulder). My ride time was 2:40.

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